Twin Heroes Productions

Transcend : Queer Arts Festival

August 19 - 7pm-midnight
The Dance Space at 280 E Hersey St. (#10), Ashland, OR

With the uniting belief that the common ground of love can exist between all people, despite gender identity, and that gender roles no longer need divide us, Twin Heroes will bring together the conscious dance community in Ashland with the queer community of the Rogue Valley for an evening of conversation, dancing, libations, performances, drag, and an exhibition of work created by local queer artists.

Our hope for this event to create community and communication between the larger Rogue Valley and it's queer members - to make a space where through our shared experience of art we can transcend the barrier of sexuality.

Join us for an evening-long exploration on the themes of Masculinity, Femininity the Sacred, the Artful and the Profane


Tickets: $20 at the door
Enter and leave all three spaces throughout the night.
Come and go as you please.

7 PM

------- Dance Space ------- 

Ease into the evening with soft introspective dancing with music from DJ TULSI.

------- Art Space -------


Join us in the gallery for some beautiful art followed by safe and open conversation.

New to the queer arts scene? Want to bring your allyship to the LGBTQ world but are not sure how? Join BedPost Confessions'JULIE GILLIS and Lotus Rising Project's MARIO FREGOSO at 7 pm to ask your questions and get into incredible conversations. If you feel shy, we'll have cards to submit those questions and we can answer them anonymously.

------- Performance Space -------


Join us for soft acoustic performances from the Ashland Queen of Ancient Musics PAT O'SCANNELL and enjoy the spoken word poetry of BLAINE ALEXANDER LINDSAY.

8 PM

------- Dance Space ------- 

Kick things up a notch. Dance to the fierce music and drumming of DJ CROCHET. Round off your dance with a short performance from NAMID WOLF.

------- Performance Space -------


Enjoy art drag from the mind (and gender) bending APHASIA. End with the Desire, Destruction, and the Devine, ALEX VASSOS' one man version of Oscar Wilde's classic, Salome. 

------- Art Space -------


Round off your course in the Artful with post-show conversation with JULIE GILLIS.

9PM - 12AM

------- Dance Space -------


Let the dance party begin! Enjoy dance hits with DJ Takeshita.

------- Perfomance Space -------


Become infected with the International Lifestyle of GEORGI and PRECILLA. They'll regale you with stories of the many things they've picked up from Europe and beyond!
Enjoy the naughty stylings of Miss Look Queen July, FOOL'LISHA herself and more from the lovely APHASIA.

------- Art Space -------


Take a break from the dance party for a no-holds-barred conversation around the themes of gender and sexuality with JULIE GILLIS and MARIO FREGOSO

Want to help us create a 2018 Queer Arts Festival? Consider a contribution to our crowd-funding campaign! Click here for more information.

Artist: Kevin O'Neill