Twin Heroes Productions

2017 Summer Festival

Compassion ; Common Ground

August 19-September 9

Responding to a country in a crisis of divisions, Twin Heroes centers its summer festival on the themes on compassion and common ground. We believe that music has no politics and that art is a vehicle for creating empathy. With a variety of programming this summer, we seek to build a community that reflects these ideals and to promote compassionate thinking and communication.

In partnership with the Chinquapin Center for the Arts, Twin Heroes will continue its commitment to cultural exchange by bringing musicians from New York City together with a host of creatives from within the Rogue Valley. Together we form a troupe of artists with roots in Georgia, California, Rhode Island and Canada, just to name a few.

String Quartet Concerts

August 26 & 27 - Exact times and locations to be announced

The Twin Heroes Quartet will present performances in Grants Pass and Ashland, featuring works by Antonin Dvorak, Felix Mendelssohn and Benjamin Britten.

A Czech nationalist composer, Dvorak would go on to emigrate to America in 1892 and write some of the most stirring pieces of devotion to the American spirit. Mendelssohn, a German Jew from an aristocratic family would later convert to Protestantism and undertake the revival of the music of one of the most important Christian composers: J. S. Bach. Britten, a queer composer and a trail-blazer during a time in which gay rights weren’t even on the radar, lived and worked closely with his partner, Peter Pears. Britten fought tirelessly for recognition, eventually earning his place in conservative British society and becoming a celebrated national hero (Pears would receive a note of condolence from the Queen at Britten’s death).

Despite differences in background, nationality, religion and sexual orientation, these composers and their music have transcended their unique struggles to bring audiences together. In our case, the common ground of the string quartet allows us to explore ideas of identity, hope, and compassion.

Opera Concerts

September 8 & 9 - Exact times and locations to be announced

Twin Heroes will present two concerts featuring the world premiere of a new work by Rogue-Valley-based composer, Seven Sky and spoken word artists Blaine Alexander Lindsey. We will also present selected scenes from Alexander Vassos’ electro-acoustic opera “No Sound the Earth Owes”.