Twin Heroes Productions

The House is Open

‚ÄčThe House Is Open is an electro-acoustic opera about Charley, a young boy who has spent the majority of his life asleep and in dreams.

The first act follows his increasingly perilous re-introduction to his family. Though the piece begins almost like a children's opera the story soon twists in on it's self; Charley's mother and father transform from kindly homemaker/breadwinner stereotypes into monolithic earth-mother/sky-father archetypes; his sister, Sophia reveals a passionate and incestuous determination; and The Man, sinister agent of society's hand makes visitation on the boy.

The second act departs from the narrative and becomes a kind of surreal dream-portrait of family, society and sexual awakening. The opera unravels as though we watch through Charley's eyes as the boy falls back into dreams, drawing his family with him into the abyss of the subconscious.